sweet dream 🌬

You embraced me to the point that I could feel your warm breath. My physical frame melts while you sit on my lap. As you spoke, I felt myself drawn to your lips.

Your mouth tasted of raspberries & another sweet unrecognizable fruit. You were talking to me about buying a 14 year old car for $20k. that’s not pillow talk lol.

All I could remember was breathing you in, the taste of you as our lips held contact for slightly longer periods of time like those sigma equations I’d work through in uni calculus. Then your boss came and started assaulting me for driving away clientele for the scene we were causing in your queen sized mattress…

I went home to where one of my parents asked me if I was in the mood for fried pastries.

then i woke up

This dream happened literally 75 minutes ago. now i want a smoothie. what was that other fruit? I just know it wasn’t an orange or mango. It felt ‘empty’, like pink lemonade sweetened with stevia, but the kiss was full and savory. like, you were naturally sweet.

What is your diet like? I wanna be naturally sweet & full-bodied like you. 🥰

this covid stuff probably has me going a bit stir crazy, waxing poetic over a 👩 whom never… well, that’s not exactly true. y’know?

p.s. the picture isn’t mine, just figured it fit the theme of a ‘sweetly haunting dream.’

The missing ingredient was the taste of you; rich, paradoxically airy & full. selling me an ‘06 camry for $20,460 with a financing option in your bed lol.

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