🗳 november 3 (vote early!)

vote! like your life, or the lives of your loved ones depend on it (because it does). normally i wouldn’t really care about voting cos, well, my state usually votes the same way all the time. but these are really unprecedented times because, y’know, the virus.. ) :

normally i don’t endorse presidential candidates or get involved, but it’s bigger than just the president this time around. the senate is being cheap with pandemic aid because their caucus wants to be ‘fiscally responsible.’ it’s a fucking worldwide health crisis. bodies on the floor. and u want people to go back to work, to #dieforthedow?

at a point like this i’d normally say ‘fuck you!’, but I see the bigger picture. I don’t want anyone to suffer. I just want those callous politicians to be voted out, y’know? They don’t care about us, so let them eat food stamps. it would be the sweetest irony if it saved their lives, no pun intended. 😉

but seriously, vote early. because the cruelest irony is that it’s the red states that have the highest per-capita cases right now.

and trump is a fucking disaster when it comes to foreign affairs. i’d rather have bush II for president, and that’s saying a fucking lot. and this isn’t only because i’m not gonna get to use my visa this year. If you were in the military, would you want to take orders from a dude that brushes off deaths by saying, ‘it is what it is’? Stacy’s mom, or your best friend from high school.


6 thoughts on “🗳 november 3 (vote early!)”

  1. I’m not from the US but its amusing to see how everyone wants to see Trump lose first before seeing the other party win😂 Though I must agree, the man feels like a living walking virus himself😵😵

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      1. No no. Like I said, I’m not from the US itself😂 No trump and no voting here😅😂 (Though I cant help wishing for the guy to lose because he’s got a big mouth and nothing else is what it is)

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