trump says that his #1 priori is to get husbands back to work. meanwhile if u live in south dakota, would you really want to dine in considering the covid positivity rate?

if you run the government like a business, then you’re kind of missing the forest for the trees. who’s gonna dine in a place where there are bodies in the corner?

so, hibernation. modern capitalist theory would tell you that the end of capitalism justifies the means. a system linked to debt and ever expanding demands of resources. it externalizes the cost of pollution for the sake of… what, our grandkids getting asthma in LA? More money is great and more things, yeah, but how much do we really need? Isn’t the modern concept of money ‘fiat’, essentially printed at will? We fell off the gold standard long ago. and you’d think that Christine Lagarde & Jerome Powell were half-devas among humanity (bless their hearts 💞 ) the way they affect human lives & how r/wallstreetbets talks about them, but how did we manage before? I’m not saying to go back to the bad old days before iPhones, just that is the end of the ‘modern economy’ worth the 220,000 souls that left the earth early? I remember working with a team of 600, and seeing them all in a room. I couldn’t imagine multiples of them all gone, spouses, children. It’s heartbreaking.

It is starting to get cold again. I drift past the luxury districts and notice that the foot traffic is a shadow of its’ former self. I want to support local restaurants, but there’s no way in hell I could consciously dine indoors in such a city of this scale. Maybe next year. And some people would make you feel bad about being unemployed, but is dying for the Dow worth it, faceless corporations? To whom exactly do you have to prove your worth, and is your worth dependent on whether or not you earn wages?

Nobody, and no. This wasn’t even what I wanted to blog about lol. I wanted to talk about another irl dream I had. It was so beautiful, almost like that one 13 years ago diving into the aether…

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