🛢vinegar hill

So I had this pretty crazy dream where me and my child went to dinner in a fancy place where u typically dress up like a gangster haha. There wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy about the place except that it looked very well kept & fastidiously clean. And someone in the dream mentioned that it was in a place called ‘Vinegar Hill.’

Well, when I woke up I was like, ‘does such a place exist?’ And then I looked it up and realized that it existed in my hometown & was across the water around where I used to vape sativa.

That it would be so unreal to actually run a restaurant in such a place. But with average rents being what they are, is it worth it? Maybe a pop-up store might be the best first-option if possible.

What are your favorite comfort foods for cold weather? Lucky you if the weather is nice for right now! Maybe you’ve moved from a colder point of the map, which is probably what I’m gonna do real soon. :c

Winter is sort of officially here early, and dining out is gonna get physically more painful, so I’m gonna be cooking a lot more in the kitchen this year.

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