It took a while to come to terms with the fact that the world as I know it ain’t quite like that of my parents, and definitely my grandparents. At the very least, from a purely career/economics standpoint. Just like I would have never seen myself so adorned with Apple merchandise & stocks, but here I are. 😏 That’s not to sugarcoat the situation I find myself in, which is rather precarious & inexplicably… critical. This pandemic really upended my dreams, phantasms of hope that only I beheld. I wanted to prove them wrong. Now I know that there’s nothing to prove, and with this knowledge am I free to apply my energies freely!

Not out of the woods yet though, just like this pandemic hasn’t ended. I only got to see the inside of that one airport in Europe… Don’t know if I’ll get the chance to travel once things improve, or if I’ll be working at some insanely grueling pace. What I want doesn’t quite compare to the tragedy witnessed. I just want it to end. Being indoors all the time feels like a jail, and that’s more so because of being further north. Not sure if or when I could ever go back to indoor dining, to be honest. Don’t have a very rosy image of the commercial landscape in NYC, it seems all so expensive still.

Like a ghost, I gravitate to familiar nondescript haunts which existed before the crisis to those whom I love.

One thought on “adrift.”

  1. Hehe You’ve Got me Beat in Travel
    Adventures as i’ve Never Been on

    A Plan Yet Ha! Manage

    To Fit All of me

    it Seems in this

    Fiber Optic Cable

    Without Even Losing Weight
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    Yes A Pandemic May Teach Us Not

    To Worry So Much About Conforming to
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    Become More Basic Life Stuff to Feel and Sense Free..:)

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